Terminal Lobby Expansion – The next steps

February 24, 2023
Terminal Lobby Expansion - New Check In Counters

In a press release earlier this week, Charlotte Airport announced the next steps for the ongoing Terminal Lobby Expansion project.

The most impactful changes will be on the West side of the terminal lobby. The current TSA Checkpoint B will be closing permanently on March 17th, and passengers will be rerouted to other checkpoints instead. According to the airport, 7300 passengers used that checkpoint daily on average during the summer season – Meaning the existing checkpoints will likely be much busier than previously. For the busy summer season, you may have to pack some patience if you are checking in at CLT. Airport Officials and the TSA announced, that they aim for keeping security screening times low, under 15 minutes for PreCheck and under 30 minutes for standard security.

Terminal Lobby Expansion - New Check In Counters
Terminal Lobby Expansion – New Check In Counters

In addition, the Terminal A Exit will open up again on March 16th as well, cutting your walk time to leave the airport from A and A North quite a bit. There are also new check-in counters that will start operating mid March as well, for most O&D Airlines like Delta, Air Canada, Frontier, Southwest, Jet Blue and Contour Airlines.

With all these changes, remember to plan ahead when going to the airport – Check Security Wait Times at the CLT Airport Website here, and reserve parking in advance so that you are not in for surprises. If you haven’t already, signing up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry (which includes PreCheck) might be a great idea to do for this summer.