NFL Season starts –

August 22, 2023

– and with it start the Charters. As every year, NFL Season not only brings top-teams to town, but also Aircraft that are not always seen at Charlotte.

Here’s what we predict for this seasons specials: – Airlines and Plane Types subject to change.

Lions @Panthers – August 25
In: 8/24, Out: 8/25 (at Night)
Likely: Delta (B767, maybe A330/A350)

Panthers @Falcons – September 10
Out: 9/9, In: 9/10
Likely: Delty (B767)

Saints @Panthers – September 18th
In: 9/17, Out: 9/18 (at Night)
Will likely also leave to IAD 9/17 to come back 9/18
Likely: United (B777)

Panthers @Seahawks – September 24th
Out: 9/23, In: 9/24
Likely: Delta (B767)

Vikings @Panthers – October 1st
In: September 30th, Out: October 1st (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Panthers @Lions – October 8th
Out: October 7th, In: October 8th (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Panthers @Dolphins – October 15th
Out: October 14th, In: October 15th (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Texans @Panthers – October 28th
In: October 27th, Out: October 28th (Evening)
Will likely also leave to IAD 10/27 to come back 10/28
Likely: United (B777)

Colts @Panthers – November 5th
In: November 4th, Out: November 5th (Night)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Panthers @Bears – November 9th
Out: November 8th, In: November 9th (Night)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Cowboys @Panthers – November 19th
In: November 18th, Out: November 19th (Evening)
Likely: American (B777)

Panthers @Titans – November 26th
Out: November 25th, In: November 26th (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Panthers @Buccaneers – December 3rd
Out: December 2nd, In: December 3rd (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Panthers @Saints – December 10th
Out: December 9th, In: December 10th (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Falcons @Panthers – December 17th
In: December 16th, Out: December 17th (tbd)
Likely: Delta (B757 or B767)

Packers @Panthers – December 24th
In: December 23rd, Out: December 24th (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B757 or B767)

Panthers @Jaguars – December 31st
Out: December 30th, In: December 31st (Evening)
Likely: Delta (B767)

Buccaneers @Panthers – January 7th
In: January 6th, Out: January 7th (tbd)
Likely: Delta (B757 or B767)