Lufthansa to bringing back the A350 to CLT

November 27, 2019
Lufthansa's A350 in front of Charlottes Skyline

After switching back to the older Airbus A340-600 four engine plane on May 1st 2020, our checks with Lufthansas Online Booking system and the current flight schedules filed show, that the newer A350 may make its comeback to Charlotte starting the winter season 2020, on October 25th.

These changes and the back- and forth on aircraft type on the CLT and IAD routes in 2020 are another indicator that Lufthansa simply doesn’t have enough plans to sustain their growth to various markets. The introduction of three new A350 routes from Munich, the last one starting on May 1st, the day Charlotte is switched to the older plane, stretches the availability of Lufthansa planes to the limit. Longer routes are then being served by more fuel efficient planes, like the A350, while the A330 fleet is all either moved to Eurowings/Brussels Airlines or operating from Frankfurt.

This is still subject to change, as airlines frequently revise their schedules. In case new routes are being introduces from Munich, or aircraft deliveries of the open A350 orders are delayed, Lufthansa may still not have the required planes to fly all these routes with their most efficient airliner.