Charlotte Airport Parking

November 21, 2020

Last week, Charlotte Airport has introduced a new parking system at their lots. This allows travellers to prebook parking spots at reduced rates. The technology works together with license plate recognition with various payment options, either in the terminal or with credit card or mobile payment options at the exit gates.

With this change, long term lots will be opening up again to pre-covid rates (7 USD / day) and the hourly deck will also be back to higher rates compareable to before covid (1st hour free, 20 USD/day). Daily Deck still remains closed for the time being.

However, if you prebook you may find significantly reduced rates. In our test, we found approximatey 10% for prebooked long term rates, as well as up to 40-50% for the hourly decks and curbside valet. Bare in mind that these are the most expensive parking options, that are also most limited too. But it gets these parkings into interesting price ranges if you prefer parking your car in a garage.

Let us know – Have you experienced the new parking system at CLT Airport, and if so – how was your experience?