First hour free – NO MORE!

January 11, 2022

Charlotte Community – It is time to speak up. Silently over the last couple of days, CLT Airport has reduced the free parking at the hourly deck from 60 minutes down to 15.

This has many effects on users of Charlotte Airport and Friends of Aviation. Not only is dropping off and picking up getting even more a disaster than it is today – thanks to an undersized cellphone lot, a non-working traffic pattern, endless construction. But also will it drastically reduce the amount of possible spots for aviation enthusiasts to take pictures of planes and experience the airfield from a different perspective than the overlook park.

While the overlook is a great location, for the aviation community this is only a limited solution to getting close up with their favorite planes. With three, soon four runways, chances of getting that “perfect shot” of your plane are drastically reduced, especially in the thermal conditions and heat haze that Charlotte constantly poses. Making the hourly deck essentially a pay site, takes away a favorite spot for many enthusiasts at Charlotte.

To all fellow Charlotte Spotters, Pick-uppers and Drop-offers, friends of the airport, neighbours – This is a course that should be revised. CLT is hurting themselves more with this rule than what they could possibly gain from it. Go ahead everyone and write CLT airport on Twitter, Instagram, their website at , eMail them at that you disagree with this decision! Lets make our voice heard.