NFL Charters

August 12, 2019
Atlas Air 747

It’s NFL season again! And while many only think about the Football and how their team will be doing, Plane Spotter are at least equally interested in which planes will be coming to town.

So what do we expect in Charlotte for the 2019/2020 season?

8/16 Buffalo Bills – They may be flying in from GSP, possibly a United 767
8/29 Pittsburg Steelers – Delta 757
9/8 LA RAMs – United 777
9/12 Tampa Bay – United, may be a 767
10/6 Jacksonville Jaguars – Atlas Air, possily a 747 (no more golden ones!)
11/3 Tennessee Titans – Only a short hop…. United 757
11/17 Atlanta Falcons – Delta 757
12/01 Washington Redskins – United 757
12/15 Seattle Seahawks – Hawaiian A330
12/29 Saints – United 767

Beware that arrival of these flights may be one day prior to these dates and departure usually is right after the game.

Whats your take on these, or do you have more information already?