United rolls out Connection Saver in Washington Dulles

August 14, 2019
United B737 18C Departure

After testing it out for a few months, United has rolled out a Connection Saver service in Washington Dulles Airport today. This allows agents to delay departure of a flight for up to 15 minutes if there are not negative implications for other customers on this flight.
This means that a flight could be up to 15 minutes delayed if the arrival time remains the same.

Washington Dulles is the last of the United hubs to get this service, and it is great to get this rolled out system wide. The United app as well as text messaging system work great to inform travellers whats going on with their flights, and in case of any delays, customer service representatives already wait at the gate with connecting information or new boarding passes, cutting down on waiting times in customer service centers. This is a great service that I have experienced myself only with United in IAD.