Southwest Specials

August 18, 2019
Southwest Airlines Plane

Every now and then Charlotte gets one of the many Southwest Airlines special livery planes. You can find a list of them below so you can track them in Flightaware of Flightradar or other Flight tracking apps. Let me know if you know of another special that I may have missed.

Also, over the time I will try to add pictures to all of them as they come and visit Charlotte.

N946WN Southwest Louisiana One
N955WN Arizona One
N943WN California One
N714CB Colleen Barret (Golden Livery)
N266WN Heroine of the heart (Old Livery Decal)
N230WN Colorado One
N945WN Florida One
N711HK Herb Kelleher (Golden Livery)
N931WN Lone Star One
N214WN Maryland One
N280WN Missouri One
N727SW Nevada One
N781WN New Mexico One
N922WN Tennessee One
N409WN Triple Crown (Old Livery Decal)