Centurion Lounge now open at Charlotte Airport

February 25, 2020

Charlotte Douglas Airport long has been a dominant airport for American Airlines, with 93% market share out of there. This is one of the reasons that, if you are in Charlotte, your choices when it comes to Airline lounges are pretty limited. The only ones you can find are American‘s Admirals Clubs, and there are only two extremely crowded locations.

The situation has changed today, when American Express opened their 11th Centurion Lounge in the United States. The new Lounge is located between D and E gates, just above „The Plaza“, a new food and shopping court.

How to get access:
Every American Express Platinum or Centurion Card holder gets access. Country of issue doesn‘t matter, but you need to hold an outbound boarding pass in hand. You can access the lounge up to three hours before your scheduled departure, unless you have a connection.
The lounge is open daily from 5:30 AM until 10 PM.

How to find it:
The lounge is located between D and E gates, above „The Plaza“ and can only be accessed by elevator. The elevator(s) are opposite of the E Security Checkpoint and clearly marked with „The Centurionlounge“.

What it offers:
Being one of the largest lounges in AmEx Centurion network, it offers ample of seating, as well as quiet rooms, working booths and a childrens / family room. There is also a bar area as well as a hot and cold food buffet.

The food:
Throughout the day you will find various different food selections at the location. Their current menu is:
5:30 AM until 6:30 AM Continental Breakfast
6:30 AM until 11:30 AM Hot Breakfast
11:30 AM until 9:00 PM Lunch and Dinner
After 9:00 PM until close (10 PM) Snacks and limited selection (soup etc)

Sample items:
During my visit, the offering consisted of:
Fried Chicken
Au Gratin Potatoes
Collard Greens
Various Salad items, Quinoa
Pulled Pork Bao
Toasted Naan
Tomato Bisque
Bread Pudding
The restaurant offering is run by the Kindred family, who also owns the local restaurants Kindred and Hello, Sailor in Davidson.

The drinks:
There is also a fully stocked bar with a good selection of beers and wine, locally inspired cocktails and more.

Overall the lounge is a great and very needed addition to Charlotte Airport. I can see this being a very popular place throughout the day and the fear remains that this will quickly become a very crowded lounge thanks to American’s lackluster offerings. My detailled ratings will follow here in a bit. But for now – Glad to have you in Charlotte, Centurion!