NFL Schedule 2021

July 23, 2021
Panthers Schedule

NFL Season is coming up quickly, and with the games also come special and chartered planes.

Here is what we expect:

AWAY Games:
Previously, the Panthers would fly American Airlines to their away games. However, this changed in 2020. Due to the retirement of the Charlotte based A330 aircraft, AA was unable or did not want to offer wide body jets to the Panthers for charter. The team therefore decided to charter Delta, who were bringing in various different Widebody planes to the games.
Will AA fly the Panthers in 2021? Or will we continue to see Delta Widebodies within the city? Let me know in the comments if you know more.

Atlas Air taking home the Baltimore Ravens after their game in Charlotte

HOME Games:
A large number of charters can be expected in town for the teams playing the Panthers. Last year, the following charter contracts were in place:
Baltimore Ravens — Atlas Air Boeing 747
Pittsburgh Steelers – Delta 757
New York Jets – United 757
New Orleans Saints – United 777
Philadelphia Eagles – American (??)
Minnesota Vikings – Delta 757
New England Patriots – Patriots 767
Washington – United 767
Atlanta Ravens – Delta 757
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Atlas Air 747