The Hawaiian Experiment

January 3, 2021
American Airlines 777

Eleven years ago, US Airways started an experiment that didnt even last a year: They introduced Nonstop Service from their Charlotte hub to Honolulu. The 8 1/2 hour flight was offered on the 767 and plagued by its distance and the efficiency of the 767 airliner.

Fast forward 11 years. December 2020. American Airlines has taken over US Airways, the Corona crisis is in full swing, and many of the wide body planes are either permanently taken out of service (A330, B767) or in long term storage. The remaining planes mostly fly empty routes to Europe, hoping to carry enough freight to make it worthwhile. In these desperate times, Airlines all around the globe are looking for revenue streams to keep afloat – And so American Airlines gives the Hawaiian Experiment a reboot. This time, on the 777.

Starting May 6th, AA will over Nonstop Service from Charlotte to Honolulu. This will be seasonal service for now, but it will be interesting how people will be accepting this flight and how American will achieve profitability. has secured a inaugural ticket and will be reporting live from this historic flight. Stay tuned for more!